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Upgrading gcc? Prepare space!

Short dispatch, this:

Yesterday I tried to upgrade gcc on a fresh Gentoo installation. In fact, it was a raw installation, not yet fresh (e.g., extract stage3, extract portage, sync, update portage, upgrade gcc).

I had used a 4 GB virtual hard disk. Guess what? I ran out of space in the midst of emerge -avuN gcc) >.<

Oh well. Now I’m trying to upgrade gcc using a 5 GB virtual hard disk. If this fails again, I’ll use a 6 GB vhd, and so on.

(Yeah, trying to find out how much space I actually need to upgrade gcc).

I’ll update you with the results.

In the meantime, keep strong!

Update: It works! Apparently, if you want to upgrade gcc, you need to use a 5 GB vHD (free space approximately 4.6 GB).

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logrotate vs Portage

Earlier today, I ran head-first into my first serious emerge block: Portage refuses to update because it is blocked by logrotate.

The ‘standard’ way to resolve a block is to unmerge whatever’s blocking Portage (logrotate in this case), update Portage, then re-emerge the unmerged package.

Problem is: logrotate is a dependency of squid, and the squid must not be interrupted.

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Making a Gentoo Linux stage3.5 tarball

First, some explanation re: ‘stage3.5’. I had planned on calling this a ‘stage4’, but there are some confusion regarding the term ‘stage4’, even amongst Gentoo users. To prevent howls of protests that might possibly be raised by Gentoo graybeards, I decided to call this a ‘stage3.5’ instead.

Okay, what the heck is a ‘stage3.5’? The numbering implied that it’s a continuation of ‘stage3’. And in fact, it is. It’s a tarball containing:

  • A customized /etc/make.conf
  • A customized /etc/portage/ (accepted keywords, package-specific use flags, rsync excludes, etc)
  • An updated portage
  • A @world that’s gone through emerge -uDN and revdep-rebuild

In other words, all the stuffs just before emerging the kernel sources.

Here’s how:

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